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Server Rules

Post  Ninad on Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:18 am

1.No Cheating, Bug Abusing or Spamming.
*Any Cheaters or Hackers found will be BANNED without any warning and if it may be ADMIN or DONATERS will be BANNED

*If found any one abusing the BUG well be BANNED.There is a section for bug report and also can post it in-game typing bug

*Spamming is when you type pointless messages into chat box or typing a lot of messages with short interval of time, will be

2.Respect Other Player's and Admins.
*Do not use bad words,do not keep on insulting each other. Solve it in a better way.

*If fount insulting Admin will be BANNED.

3.No Advertising.(YouTube or Sites or other Server)
*Some player come to online for advertise an IP address of another server.It may Result to Ban.

4.No Killing Out Side Of Deathmatch are (/dm)
*We have made Deathmatches are to fight.If we found KILLING players in out side DM are will be BANNED.

5.No Insluting About The Server.
*If you did not like the server you may leave it and find other server.

6.Do Not Ask For Admin in-game.
*You will not get any admin level.And your admin application will be LOCKED and DELETED.

7.Do Not Ask Admins For Money,Events or Score.
*If you found asking it, after any warning you account will be RE-SET.

8.No Multi-Account is Allowed
*Multi-account may lead to IP Ban.

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